Available courses

Nooz is proud to announce delivery of online "Indie Nooz Reporter" which aims at teaching students:

  • how to report the Nooz,
  • ethics,
  • mobile journalism,
  • social networking skills,
  • make a studio on a budget
  • use your mobile device to make nooz
  • GoPro and other body cam devices as nooz gathering tools.


.Nooz Indi Reporter

Learn the basics of Marine science, how it affects you , how you affect it

Learn to scuba dive with advanced dive systems

This unit deals with various environmental aspects and you will also meet people who decided to take some action.

Learn one of the most useful skills you could have in any environment: work, home, or outdoors.

This online course covers the history of visual art from its start in the caves in France to Mediaeval times.

This provides a basic introduction to the Impressionist movement in France, with students being allowed to select an artist to focus on for in-depth study. They can choose either Monet or Pissaro and the subsequent activities are based on their selection, using Activity completion.

This interactive, self-paced, self-study Moodle demonstration course introduces you to the basic Unix/Linux jargon and the ideology behind the Free and Open Source Software.

An introduction to the terms, technologies, trends, and best practices of the interactive design industry. Students design, develop, and upload a simple web site using HTML and basic CSS. The importance of writing valid and semantic code is emphasized. Basic web side production stages and requirements such as naming conventions, file organization, project development life cycle, and image optimization are also covered. Prerequisites: None

Easy and clear view on  practical psychology in a couple of sentenses:)